Menschen vor Unigebäude (Bild: FAU/David Hartfiel)
Bild: FAU/David Hartfiel

FAUonboarding – A warm welcome to all new professors!

We hope that our programme for new professors – FAUonboarding – will help you get off to the best possible start and make it easier for you to settle into your busy and demanding job at the University. The programme for professors from all faculties is offered over and above the activities the individual faculties offer to newly appointed professors and is aimed at giving a bigger picture of the various services and facilities available at FAU for research, teaching, human resources, administration, PR and knowledge transfer. The programme offers you the perfect opportunity to find out all about our University and meet the various points of contact across FAU.

In a series of (virtual) events held at the beginning of the semester, any questions new professors may have are answered in four topic modules: People, Education, Research and Outreach. The varied and entertaining format also offers plenty of scope for networking and sharing experiences.


No events scheduled.

Getting off to a flying start

Imagebild InformationenYou will be confronted with various different portals when you start out at FAU. We have compiled a brief overview of the websites and portals you will need in your everyday work.

Contact details of FAU staff in UnivIS

FAUwelcome Kick-Off Event
am 28.11.2019
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The contact details of other FAU members of staff are available in our central system UnivIS, https://univis.uni-erlangen.de/.

The system is structured according to faculties, Dean’s Offices and chairs. It includes telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and room numbers.


Examination management in meinCampus

mein campus is the online portal for all administrative matters: online self-service functions are available to Bachelor’s and Master’s students, teaching staff and other members of staff, covering topics such as examination management, student records, applications and admissions and course management.

mein campus website

Contact the mein campus team

mein campus help

Managing teaching and examinations in campo

campo is the online portal for all administration tasks in the context of lecture and examination management including room management, student records, applications and enrollment. Teaching and administration staff as well as students and prospective student use the web-based functions in campo.

Reserving rooms for events

Would you like to book a room for a large event?

The event management team at Outreach Support is happy to help: Contact details for the event management team

Would you like to book a room for teaching purposes?

Rooms for teaching purposes can be booked via the campo portal and can also be booked directly when you enter lectures and seminars (or examinations) into campo. Inquiries for rooms are sent directly to the room coordinator.

Further information is available on the campo info page.

IT infrastructure at FAU

For decades now, the Erlangen Regional Computing Centre RRZE has ensured that the IT structure at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) remains up and running smoothly. As part of its regional concept, it also offers support for other institutes of higher education in the region. As an interface between research and technology, the RRZE sees itself as a centre for computer technology expertise in the university landscape in northern Bavaria and as a partner for science and research.



Point of contact for IT infrastructure

Human Resources Handbook

In our Human Resources Handbook you can find information, circulars and forms organized by keywords. Employees of the HR department are also happy to inform, advise and support you with individual inquiries.

Please do not hesitate to contact the human resources team at P if you have any specific questions.

Services – not only for new professors

There are a number of members of staff available at University Administration to help you in your work at FAU. We have compiled a summary of who is available to help you in each of the various areas.

Imagebild People
Bild: FAU/Jonas Baumgärtl
Imagebild Education
Bild: FAU/Jonas Baumgärtl
Imagebild Research
Bild: FAU/Jonas Baumgärtl
Imagebild Outreach
Bild: FAU/Jonas Baumgärtl



The team at Human Resources (P) is available to help with everything to do with recruiting academic and non-academic staff and assistants. They can also help you with legal issues surrounding recruitment and with claiming for travel expenses. P2 advises you with recruiting academic staff and public servants, P3 helps with recruiting part-time academic staff and P4 is available to help with employing non-academic staff.

Points of contact in P

Sybille Kail, RDin

Central University Administration
Department of Human Resources

Jan Schackert


Department of Human Resources
Referat P5 - Personalentwicklung und Familienservice

Human Resources website

Supporting young researchers

FAU offers a broad-based spectrum of programmes to support young researchers, whether they are enrolled as students, or are doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers, heads of junior research groups or W1 professors. Our Graduate Centre (FAU GZ) coordinates the doctoral procedure for the whole university and also oversees the introduction of new doctoral degree programmes. The digital platform ‘docDaten’ enables doctoral candidates to keep a close eye on the progress of their doctoral procedure. We also offer events and coaching as part of our FAUnext programme, with approximately 50 workshops per semester in various interdisciplinary skills as well as individual career coaching for those who have reached the postdoctoral research stage or above.

Points of contact at the Graduate Centre

Dr. Christian Schmitt-Engel

Referatsleiter; strategische Entwicklung Nachwuchsförderung, Verbundprojektbegleitung, Postdoktorand*innen, Geschäftsführung FAU-Graduiertenzentrum, Beratung

Department of Strategic Planning
Graduate Centre and Young Researchers Support

Graduate Centre website

Services for international staff

The Central Office for International Affairs and the Welcome Centre are the central ports of call at FAU for all matters relating to studying, teaching and mobility at the international level. They offer advice and information to students at FAU about going abroad. The Welcome Centre advises international students and researchers on non-academic topics such as visas, health insurance or looking for accommodation. They also offer a cultural programme aimed at international doctoral students and researchers, which family members are welcome to attend. In addition, support is available for establishing and maintaining interdisciplinary university collaborations.

International Affairs website

Kira Gehrmann, M.A.

Referatsleitung; z.Z. in Elternzeit

Department of Strategic Planning
Office of International Affairs

Equality and Diversity

To encourage equality of opportunity, FAU implements strategies aimed at ensuring compatibility between studying, working and having a family as well as gender mainstreaming and diversity management strategies. The Office of Equality and Diversity is the central port of call at FAU for everything to do with equality of opportunity. Its areas of responsibility include gender mainstreaming and diversity management. The FAU and Universitätsklinikum Family Service coordinates and links the wide range of services offered to students, employees and their relatives at FAU and Universitätsklinikum Erlangen.

Office of Equality and Diversity’s website

Points of contact for matters relating to equal opportunities

FAU Family Service’s website

Points of contact at the Family Service


Deadlines for registering for examinations

The Examinations Offices at the individual faculties can tell you all you need to know about current deadlines for registering for examinations. They also have all the details about changes to examination procedures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

List of Examinations Offices at FAU: pruefungsamt.fau.de

E-learning opportunities

The Innovation in Learning Institute at FAU (ILI) offers services, advice and knowledge transfer in the field of digital education, and provides a range of different options for digital learning, for example the StudOn portal, electronic examinations, or courses offered by the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb).

StudOn is FAU’s central teaching and learning platform. The platform is used to organise and manage teaching and learning processes and for holding electronic examinations. StudOn is available to all students, teaching staff and administrative staff as well as other users such as guest students, students from the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb) and collaboration partners.

As well as using the infrastructure, they can access support and advice with incorporating virtual elements into teaching and examinations, tailored to each individual case. The services available via StudOn include technical support and adjustments, training courses, networking and access to information via the project website.

ILI website

Points of contact at ILI

to StudOn

Mail StudOn service

Higher education training and advice

The Centre for Continuing Education in University-Level Teaching (known as FBZHL for short) is one of the central institutions at FAU and is part of the ZeLLIT (Centre for Research on Teaching and Learning, Innovation and Transfer). Located where service and research overlap, we aim to improve the quality of teaching at university and develop/evaluate measures focused on university-level teaching.

No matter whether you are a tutor or a professor, anyone who wants to improve their teaching methodology skills can benefit from the workshops, teaching consultations and shadowing we offer. We help you plan and design lectures, seminars or tutorials; design and hold effective examinations tailored to the specific skills being tested; and advise students effectively. Teaching staff who take part in our programme are awarded the Bavarian universities’ certificate in university-level teaching (Zertifikat Hochschullehre der Bayerischen Universitäten).

Thanks to the nationwide initiative Quality Pact for Teaching, we have been able to expand our services quite considerably. As well as our open seminar programme and faculty-specific services, we offer qualification programmes aimed at tutors, extra coaching sessions and publications on our blog, Infothek Lehre.

FBZHL website

Points of contact at FBZHL

Support, innovation and appreciation of effective teaching

Teaching at FAU is on an equal footing with research. Previous teaching achievements are an important factor and are considered early on in the appointment procedure. The Executive Board of the University is very keen to encourage high-quality teaching at FAU in the long term and to promote innovation. FAU not only offers a comprehensive range of training in university-level teaching, but also programmes for the promotion and recognition of effective teaching. The University offers its own competitive internal funding programme known as the Innovationsfonds Lehre. It also offers the Teaching Award for Young Researchers at FAU in recognition of outstanding teaching achievements. Furthermore, the Vice President Education regularly provides information about other funding schemes and teaching awards. The personal assistant to the Vice President Education will give you some information on these aspects.

Information on Innovation Fund for Teaching

Overview of awards for teaching at FAU



Support in applying for third-party funding

The research coordinators at the individual faculties, and the teams at Research Support, and Third-party Funding and Related Legal Affairs in Research (H3) are happy to help you with applying for third-party funding. The research coordinators are mainly responsible for an initial consultation specifically for the subject in question, whilst H3 can help with administrative and legal concerns.

Dr. Sabine Eber mainly supports the Vice President Research, in matters relating to research. This includes nominations for important research prizes as well as providing support with applications for ERC grants and Alexander von Humboldt professorships. Her tasks also include coordinating the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s female professor programme and preparing the President’s Office for DFG evaluations. She is also the project manager for the expansion of FAU’s Current Research Information System (CRIS).

Points of contact at the faculties

Points of contact at Research Support

Dr. Anne Kathrin Buhmann

Department of Strategic Planning
Office for Research Support

Research Support website

Services for researchers

Points of contact at H3

Website of Third-party Funding and Related Legal Affairs in Research (H3)

Point of contact for President’s Staff

Support in applying for collaborative research projects

The research coordinators at the individual faculties will also guide you when applying for collaborative research projects. Research Support can help you during this process by

  • Giving advice and guiding you through the entire application process
  • Clarifying the various steps in the application process (e.g. guidelines, checklists)
  • Pooling information gained from previous initiatives
  • Providing support with the review process (e.g. trial reviews, lists of questions)

You are also, of course, given support with start-up financing for the application and checking applications and managing projects.

Research Support website

Help with open access publications

FAU’s University Library is on hand to help if you would like to publish your work via open access.

Online information from University Library on open access

Points of contact at University Library


Support for all aspects of research data management is available through the FAU Competence Center for Research Data and Information (FAU CDI).

FAU Current Research Information System (CRIS)

FAU maintains a database for recording all publications, research achievements, projects, inventions and prizes of the scientists working at FAU, known as the FAU Current Research Information System (CRIS). You can log on with your IdM account. The CRIS user data are transferred from IdM (FAU’s identity management system) on a daily basis. This allows you to sign on via SSO (single sign on), but means that you must have an IdM user account in order to use CRIS (application and activation in IdM portal).

Researchers, professors, chairs, doctoral candidates and administrative staff outside of University Administration (ZUV) are automatically granted access to CRIS. Students cannot access the internal areas in CRIS.

Detailed information about registering in CRIS is available in the user’s guide.

Points of contact at CRIS


Support in all areas of Outreach

Outreach Support coordinates all areas under the heading of outreach, and offers support in organising events, training, external collaborations, submitting applications for and managing patents and licences, as well as spin-offs and start-ups.

Outreach Support website

Dipl.-Ing. oec. (Diplomkauffrau) Sybille Barth

Referatsleitung; Leitung Arbeitsgruppen Wissens- und Technologietransfer sowie wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung; Beratung INI.FAU

Department of Strategic Planning
Office of Knowledge and Technology Transfer and Continuing Education

Alumni and event management

Alumni and event management at FAU concentrates on raising funds for Deutschlandstipendium scholarships, organising events for the whole of FAU, FAU branding and staying in touch with alumni. Raising funds for Deutschlandstipendium scholarships mainly involves approaching our partners from industry and raising awareness of the scholarship. Among the events we organise centrally for the whole of the University are image events which increase the visibility of FAU. Alumni management allows former FAU students to stay in touch with their alma mater via the free FAU alumni network (www.alumni.community.fau.de), even many years after completing their degree.

Points of contact for alumni and event management

  • Christoph Loos
  • Aline Looschen


Handout for events: German | English

Handout on alumni, fundraising and advertising: German | English

Further information

Website Alumni and Event Management

Continuing education

Lifelong learning at FAU

FAU advocates the principle of lifelong learning. Our goal is to enable people to update, enrich and extend their knowledge at any stage in life through a structured and expanding range of professional development courses. Outreach – Continuing Education at FAU offers a range of seminars and degree programmes for working professionals, aimed at anyone interested in professional development.

Professional development: Relevant and up to date

Outreach – Continuing Education offers chairs and institutions advice and support in developing, implementing and administering continuing education measures (degree programmes, seminars, workshops etc.).

Points of contact for continuing education and FAU Academy

FAU Academy website

Information on continuing education at Outreach Support

Start-up Support

FAU actively encourages members of FAU to launch a company based on their innovative research. We provide advice free of charge on all aspects of setting up a company to researchers who are preparing to launch a company (with the exception of legal and tax advice). We support start-up teams from their initial idea to drawing up a business plan to applying for specific funding programmes (e.g. Exist: www.exist.de). Even after the company has been set up, we are still on hand to help the young start-ups gain a foothold in the market, working in close collaboration with partners such as the ZOLLHOF Tech Incubator, LZE e.V. or BayStartup. FAU is currently also one of the major partners involved in setting up a new platform named ‘EXISTENCY’, aimed at funding academic start-ups in the Middle Franconia region.

Magic triangle for supporting start-ups and spin-offs at FAU

Raising awareness & qualifications: Digital Tech Academy
(Outreach Support – internal FAU service unit: dta.fau.de))

Advice and Funding: FAU consulting services for start-ups
(Outreach Support – internal FAU service unit: fau.de/outreach/gruenden/)

Incubation & networking: ZOLLHOF Tech Incubator
(ZOLLHOF Betreiber GmbH, FAU largest shareholder:zollhof.de)

External points of contact, and points of contact at Outreach Support

Patents and Licences

Patent management at FAU is an in-house service provider for inventors, project leaders and heads of working groups, professors and chairs. Patent management is the first port of call at FAU for any questions you may have concerning the Employee Inventions Act (ArbnErfG), inventions, patent applications, trademark and design registrations, copyright and non-disclosure issues. It is therefore also the first point of contact and service provider for advice on the novelty of the invention and the degree to which it involves an inventive step; preliminary searches in freely accessible patent databases; or advice on how to apply for a patent. It acts as an interface to external patent lawyers, copyright collectives and patent authorities, and provides assistance in drawing up transfer agreements, exploitation agreements and licence agreements, as well as inter-institutional agreements (IIA) and non-disclosure agreements (CDAs/NDAs). It also provides advice on including intellectual property rights and inventions in accounts and guidance on how to distribute income arising from licences and the exploitation of inventions as well as remuneration for inventors.

 Further information on patents and licences

Information on FAU’s intellectual property (IP) policy

Points of contact for Patent Management

Cooperation and Transfer Support

Outreach – Knowledge and Technology Transfer (WTT) initiates and supports collaboration between the University and companies/institutions:
For companies, it is the first port of call if they wish to access expertise at the University. For chairs and consultants, it acts as a partner for all issues relating to contracts, and is involved in administrative and financial project management for commissioned research at FAU.

Points of contact at Outreach Support

Information about the collaborative programme EELISA at FAU


Dr. Henni Appell

Schlossplatz 4
91054 Erlangen

Contacts at the faculties

Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and School of Theology

Thomas Binder, M.A.

Studienkoordination / Qualitätsmanagement
Hindenburgstrasse 34
91054 Erlangen

Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law

Prof. Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

Dekan der Rechts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät und Sprecher des Fachbereichs Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften
Findelgasse 7/9
90402 Nürnberg

Iris Dieterich

Geschäftsführerin und Leiterin der Fachbereichsverwaltung
Findelgasse 7/9
90402 Nürnberg

Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Stefan A. Thomas

Krankenhausstr. 12
91054 Erlangen

Faculty of Sciences

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schatz

Dekan der Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät
Universitätsstr. 40
91054 Erlangen

Faculty of Engineering

Marion Bär, MBA (Dipl.-WirtschIng. (FH), Dipl. Forstwirtin (Univ.))

Martensstr. 5a
91058 Erlangen